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Gibbs Rifle Company, Inc.

Martinsburg, West Virginia

Number of Employees: 14 to 15

Estimated Annual Revenue: Refused to release information


Year Rifle Shotgun Total
1991 528 0 528
1992 3,487 0 3,487
1993 312 0 312

Company Facts:

Founded in 1991, the Gibbs Rifle Company describes itself as "Americas [sic] newest firearms company." The company originally produced sporting and target rifles under the names Parker-Hale, Midland, and Enfield�the rights to which Gibbs had purchased from Parker-Hale, Ltd. of Great Britain. The company attributes the "reasonable cost to the consumer" of Gibbs firearms to the "large amount of assistance from the West Virginia government" in establishing the company. The Gibbs Rifle Company recently stopped producing rifles to become the "Exclusive North-American agent for Mauser-Werke Oberndorf Waffenststeme (Mauser) rifles from Oberndorf, Germany." Gibbs continues to offer military surplus rifles, pistols, and revolvers.

Prior to 1994, Gibbs Rifle Company produced the .308 Win. and .243 Win. Parker-Hale M-85 Sniper rifle. The Sniper rifle featured a 10-round detachable ammunition magazine, collapsible bipod, and stocks available in "NATO Green, Desert Camo, Urban Camo, Night Black, Jungle Camo, and Arctic Camo." The company's 1993 catalog featured the M-85 sniper rifle, promising that "[r]efinement of the M-85, as well as development of new sniper systems are planned for the future."

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