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Concealed Carry Killers
Fort Hood Shooter Shot and Killed Three and Wounded 16 with the Same Brand of Gun Used at Aurora, LAX Shootings
Smith & Wesson is a top donor to the NRA and helps block gun violence prevention laws.
VPC Research Shows Dangers of Recent Court Decision Weakening California Concealed Carry Handgun Law
The latest research from the VPC reveals the dangers of a recent federal court ruling that denies California law enforcement the discretion to limit who can carry concealed handguns in public. More>>

Newtown Action Alliance Team 26 Bike Ride Honors with Action Lives Lost At Sandy Hook Elementary


Nebraska Ranks #1 for Black Homicide Victimization Rate
Nebraska leads the nation in the rate of black homicide victimization with a rate of 34.43 per 100,000, nearly two times the national black homicide victimization rate and more than seven times the overall homicide victimization rate nationwide, according to a new analysis by the VPC. More>>


Manufacturer of Assault Rifle Used in Newtown Shooting Gave a Million Dollars to the NRA
The NRA has received up to $60.2 million in donations from the firearms industry since 2005, including eight “corporate partners” that each gave a million dollars or more, a new report from the VPC reveals. More>>

Mass Shootings in the United States Involving High-Capacity Ammunition Magazines



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