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Who Dies?

A Look at Firearms Death and Injury in America

Revised Edition

Table of Contents



Males and Firearms Violence

Females and Firearms Violence

Unintentional Firearm Deaths

Nonfatal Firearm Injuries

An Economic Nightmare

Firearm Deaths by State, 1996

Appendix One: Number and Rates of Firearm-Related Mortality�United States, 1965 to 1996

Appendix Two: Domestic Production of Civilian Firearms: 1899 to 1996

Appendix Three: Wholesale Dollar Value of Firearms and Ammunition Manufactured in the United States as Estimated From Federal Excise Tax, 1983 to 1996

Appendix Four: The Second Amendment�No Right to Keep and Bear Arms


This is the full text of the February 1999 Violence Policy Center study Who Dies? A Look at Firearms Death and Injury in America - Revised Edition. For information on how to order a hard copy of the study from the Violence Policy Center, please return to the publications page.

The Violence Policy Center is a national non-profit educational foundation that conducts research on violence in America and works to develop violence-reduction policies and proposals. The Center examines the role of firearms in America, conducts research on firearms violence, and explores new ways to decrease firearm-related death and injury.

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