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Licensed Dealers

  1. More Gun Dealers Than Gas Stations: A Study of Federally Licensed Firearms Dealers in America, Josh Sugarmann, Violence Policy Center, Washington, DC, December 1992, 138 pages.

    This influential study examines abuses in the issuance of Federal Firearms Licenses (FFLs). The study details how, at the time of its release, the license's low cost and easy availability, coupled with its broad privileges (FFL holders can order guns wholesale through the mail in unlimited quantities), made it a prized tool of criminal gun traffickers. In 1992, 80% of FFL holders were "kitchen-table" dealers operating out of their homes. Extensive reforms in the FFL system resulted from this study.

    This publication is $23.00, including shipping and handling. Call the Violence Policy Center at (202) 822-8200 or write to the VPC at 1140 19th Street, NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20036.

  2. Taking Action: Passing Local Ordinances to Get Kitchen Table Gun Dealers Out of Your Neighborhood and Other Opportunities to Prevent Gun Violence, Women Against Gun Violence/Youth ALIVE!, 1995.

    This guide explains how to use local ordinances to eliminate "kitchen-table" gun dealers from residential neighborhoods. This publication also gives suggestions for organizing media campaigns.

    This publication is $10.00. Call Youth ALIVE! at (510) 594-2588 or write to Youth ALIVE! at 3300 Elm Street, Oakland, CA 94609.

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