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Where'd They Get Their Guns?

An Analysis of the Firearms Used in High-Profile Shootings, 1963 to 2001

Date: August 20, 1986

Location: Edmond Post Office, Edmond, Oklahoma

Alleged Shooter: Patrick Henry Sherrill

People Killed: 15 (shooter committed suicide)

People Injured: Six

Firearm(s): Two .45 pistols and a .22 pistol


Pat Sherrill, a loner and former marksman in the Marines, was on the verge of being fired from his job as a postal worker. In response, Sherrill went on a shooting rampage at his office, killing 14 coworkers.

How Firearm(s) Acquired

All weapons were acquired legally. According to the District Attorney in Oklahoma City, Sherrill had no criminal record or history of mental instability.


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