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Where'd They Get Their Guns?

An Analysis of the Firearms Used in High-Profile Shootings, 1963 to 2001

Date: October 30, 1985

Location: Springfield Mall, Springfield, Pennsylvania

Alleged Shooter: Sylvia Seegrist

People Killed: Three

People Injured: Seven

Firearm(s): .22 rifle


Seegrist, who had a history of mental problems, opened fire at a Springfield, Pennsylvania mall, killing three people and wounding seven.

How Firearm(s) Acquired

Seegrist purchased her rifle illegally at a catalog showroom. When she filled out the form to purchase her rifle, she indicated that she had never been committed to a mental institution. However, she had been committed to mental hospitals 12 times in the previous 10 years, disqualifying her from owning a firearm.


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