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Where'd They Get Their Guns?

An Analysis of the Firearms Used in High-Profile Shootings, 1963 to 2001

Date: December 8, 1980

Location: New York, New York Alleged

Shooter: Mark David Chapman

People Killed: One

People Injured: None

Firearm(s): Charter Arms .38 revolver


Mark David Chapman, who had a history of severe emotional problems, traveled from his home in Hawaii to New York City to kill John Lennon. Chapman had been a Beatles fan in his youth and was described by a former classmate as a "Jesus freak."

How Firearm(s) Acquired

Chapman purchased the gun legally in Hawaii. Because he had no criminal record and had never been committed to a mental institution, he was issued a permit. At the time of the shooting, Hawaii had some of the most stringent gun regulations in the nation.


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