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Joe Camel with Feathers

How the NRA with Gun and Tobacco Industry Dollars Uses its Eddie Eagle Program to Market Guns to Kids

Table of Contents

Key Findings


Section One: "An Old-Fashioned Wrestling Match for the Hearts and Minds of our Children"

Section Two: "New Blood Really Helps"

Section Three: "The Safest Thing is to Not Keep a Gun at Home"

Appendix One: The History of Eddie Eagle

Appendix Two: False Claims of Endorsement Made by the NRA

Appendix Three: The Controversial Views of NRA Director of Research Paul Blackman on Kids and Guns

Appendix Four: 1994 and 1995 Eddie Eagle Grants Made by The NRA Foundation


This is the full text of the November 1997 Violence Policy Center study Joe Camel with Feathers, except for Appendix Five and Appendix Six which are copies of state Eddie Eagle resolutions and source materials used for the study.




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