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United States of Assault Weapons

Gunmakers Evading the Federal Assault Weapons Ban

Table of Contents

Due to the large file size of this study it has been divided into sections for easier viewing. Follow this link if you wish to download the entire study as one PDF file (6.6 MB).


Section One: A Flawed Law

Section Two: Legislation That Would Effectively Ban All Assault Weapons

Section Three: Assault Weapon Manufacturers

This section contains brief profiles of gunmakers that currently market post-ban, "copycat" assault weapons as well as new assault weapon types. Each profile contains available company contact information (address, telephone, fax, and web address) as well as examples of the assault weapons sold by the gunmaker.

Alexander Arms, LLC

American Spirit Arms, Corp.

Arizona Expert Arms

ArmaLite, Inc.

Armscor Precision Inc.

Arsenal Inc.

B & K Custom Firearms

Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc.

Beretta U.S.A Corp.

Bobcat Weapons Inc.

Bushmaster Firearms, Inc.

Cavalry Arms Corp.

Century International Arms Inc.

Colt's Manufacturing Company LLC

DoubleStar Corp.

DPMS (Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services, Inc.)

DS Arms, Inc.

Eagle Arms

Entreprise Arms

Feather USA

Fulton Armory

Heckler & Koch

Hi-Point Firearms

Kahr Arms/Auto-Ordnance

Knight's Manufacturing Company

L & G Weaponry

L.A.R. Manufacturing, Inc.

Les Baer Custom, Inc.

Ohio Ordnance Works

Olympic Arms, Inc.

Rapid Fire

Red Jacket Firearms

Robinson Armament Company

Rock River Arms, Inc.

RPB Industries

Tactical Weapons Training Academy

Tromix Corp.

Valkyrie Arms, Ltd.

Vector Arms, Inc.

Vulcan Armament, Inc.

Wilson Combat & Scattergun Technologies

Z-M Weapons

Section Four: A Listing of Assault Weapon Manufacturers by State

This is the full text of the July 2004 Violence Policy Center study United States of Assault Weapons: Gunmakers evading the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. For information on how to order a hard copy of this study, please return to the publications page.



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