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Guns & Terrorism

America's lax gun laws allow foreign and domestic terrorists as well as extremists easy access to all types of weaponry. Just one example is the increasingly popular 50 caliber sniper rifle. Originally designed for military use, and currently used by U.S. and other military personnel around the world, these anti-armor rifles can penetrate the armor plating of armored vehicles, turn commercial jetliners into bombs on the ground, knock helicopters out of the air, and ignite railcars and stationary tank farms containing extremely hazardous, volatile, and explosive chemicals. Violence Policy Center research revealed that Al Qaeda acquired 25 of these rifles soon after they became available on the U.S. civilian market.

In addition to the 50 caliber sniper rifle, all stripes of extremists have access to a plethora of assault weapons, high-capacity ammunition magazines, loosely regulated black and smokeless powder explosive materials, body armor, explosive devices lacking the powder charge, and other materiel. In short, virtually everything needed to arm and equip a small army is available legally in the United States because of our lax laws.

Information on Assault Weapons

Information on 50 Caliber Sniper Rifles

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