Gun Product Safety Notices


The gun industry is the only manufacturer of a consumer product that is exempt from federal health and safety regulation. As such, there is no federal agency that can require a gun manufacturer to recall defective guns or ammunition. Gun owners and the rest of the general public must rely entirely on gun manufacturers to take action when they determine that a gun or ammunition contains a dangerous defect.

Very often, gun manufacturers fail to act in a timely manner or to accurately describe the safety hazard.  This can discourage owners of defective firearms from taking the steps necessary to remedy the problem. In fact, guns and ammunition that contain safety defects are very common. Reportedly, the National Shooting Sports Foundation acknowledges that 40 percent of all new guns contain some type of defect, a fact that prompted Truth About Guns, a pro-gun blog, to observe: “No other industry could survive with a failure rate like this.”

The gun industry’s lack of health and safety regulation also means that manufacturers cannot be compelled to fix any defects except by lawsuits brought by injured gun owners. Recently, in response to one such lawsuit, Remington agreed to replace millions of triggers in its popular Model 700 hunting rifle. Today, caveat emptor is the watchword for today’s gun buyer.

The VPC has initiated a project to collect defect notices from gun manufacturers in an effort to demonstrate the scope of the problem, help alert the public to specific defective guns and ammunition, and continue to focus attention on the gun industry’s unique lack of health and safety regulation.

Below are recent notices of safety hazards issued by the top gun manufacturers.  (The list is by no means exhaustive.)

Beretta safety alerts and recalls
NEOS Pistols

Bushmaster safety alerts and recalls (Bushmaster is part of Remington)
ACR Rifle

FMK Firearms
9C1 Pistol

Glock safety alerts and recalls
Gen 4 Pistols

IWI recall
Galil ACE pistols

Remington safety alerts and recalls
Remington model 887 Shotgun
Remington model 700 Rifle
Remington model Rimfire 22 Thunderbolt TB-22A Rifle
Remington Law Enforcement Reduced Recoill 8 Pellet 00 Buckshot
Remington 270 Win. 150 Grain Soft Point Ammunition
Remington .223 Remington 62 Gr Hollow Point (Match) Ammunition
Remington 22 Hornet 45 Grain PSP ammunition
Remington 17 HMR ammunition and Model 597 HMR
Remington Model 710 bolt-action rifles
Remington 38 Special +P Consumer Notice
Remington R51 Pistol

Savage Arms safety alerts and recalls
Savage B.MAG Rifles

Sig Sauer safety alerts and recalls
P238 Pistol

Smith & Wesson safety alerts and recalls
M&P Shield
Walther PK380
Thompson Center Venture Rifles
Model 22A pistols
Walther PPK and PPK/S pistols
i-Bolt rifle (November 2008)
i-Bolt rifle (January 2008)
Performance Center Model 460 Revolvers
SW 1911
Performance Center Model 329 Revolvers

Springfield Armory safety alerts and recalls
3.3 XDS Pistol
Springfield XD-S pistols

Sturm, Ruger safety alerts and recalls
SR-556VT Assault Rifles
American Rimfire® Rifle
LCP Pistols
SR9 Pistols
P85 Pistols
M77 Rifles
Old Model

Taurus safety alerts and recalls
PT Series Pistols

Weatherby safety alerts and recalls
SA-08 28 Gauge Shotgun (2013)
SA-08 Shotgun (2011)
Vanguard Rifles
Vanguard Stainless Steel Rifles

Winchester safety alerts and recalls
SXP shotgun
Winchester model 94