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Additional NRA Issues

Rearming Criminals
While claiming that it supports vigorous enforcement of our nation's gun laws and efforts to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, the NRA has actually worked to put guns back into criminals' hands. The NRA has worked to expand and protect the federal "relief from disability" program that has rearmed thousands of convicted�and often violent�felons.

The March 2000 VPC study Guns for Felons: How the NRA Works to Rearm Criminals details how the NRA has helped to make guns available to convicted felons. The "relief from disability" program rearmed thousands of convicted felons at a cost to taxpayers of more than $21 million.

Guns for Felons: How the NRA Works to Rearm Criminals

VPC Releases New Study�Guns for Felons: How the NRA Works to Rearm Criminals - Press Release

On April 9, 2002, the Violence Policy Center fiiled a friend-of-the-court brief in the U.S. Supreme Court, urging the Justices to respect Congress' decision to end�once and for all�the federal program that allowed convicted felons to own guns. In January 2002, the Court agreed to hear the case of Thomas Lamar Bean, a Texas gun show promoter who lost his ability to possess firearms after a conviction for illegally transporting ammunition into Mexico. Despite Congress' desire to shut down the program, Mr. Bean convinced a federal judge to restore his firearm privileges.

Terminate Federal Guns-for-Felons Program, Violence Policy Center Tells U.S. Supreme Court - Press Release

Follow this link to read the Brief

Marketing Guns to Kids

The April 1999 VPC study Start 'Em Young�Recruitment of Kids to the Gun Culture includes quotes from leaders of the industry and the gun lobby about their efforts to target kids; photos of advertisements, articles, and photographs illustrating the campaign; and, a review of school shootings over the past two years.

Start 'Em Young�Recruitment of Kids to the Gun Culture

New Report Documents NRA And Gun Industry Efforts to Woo Kids - Press Release

The November 1997 VPC study Joe Camel with Feathers: How the NRA with Gun and Tobacco Industry Dollars Uses its Eddie Eagle Program to Market Guns to Kids, found that the primary goal of the Eddie Eagle program is not to safeguard children, but to protect the financial and political interests of the NRA and the firearms industry. While the tobacco industry denies that it is marketing to children, the NRA and the gun industry openly admit that they are.

Concealed Carry Laws

Since 1987, the National Rifle Association has worked to loosen state laws regarding the carrying of concealed handguns. The Violence Policy Center has conducted six studies of the effects of lax concealed carry laws, revealing that concealed carry license holders have been arrested for crimes including murder, attempted murder, kidnaping, rape, sexual misconduct, driving while intoxicated, weapons-related offenses, and drug-related offenses.

Range Protection Laws

The NationalRifle Association has worked to pass state laws to hide shooting ranges from judicial scrutiny behind the skirts of state "range-protection" laws. In short, the NRA uses its special-interest muscle to inflict noise, pollution, and public health harm on the general public so that a dwindling minority of range users can enjoy their destructive "shooting sports."

Study Documents How Shooting Ranges Poison Children; One of the Nation's Top Lead Polluters - Press Release

Poisonous Pastime: The Health Risks of Shooting Ranges and Lead to Children, Families, and the Environment