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National Rifle Association Gun Industry “Corporate Partners” as Listed at the 2012 NRA Annual Meeting

In April 2012, the National Rifle Association held its Annual Meetings & Exhibits in St. Louis, Missouri. On its webpage, [http://www.nraam.org/past-meetings/2012-st-louis-annual-meetings.aspx] the NRA brags of “517 exhibitors from the firearm, hunting and outdoor industries covering more than 340,000 square feet….In fact, if all of the booths on the exhibit floor were arranged in a single row, the line of guns and gear would have stretched more than 3.1 miles.”

At its own booth on the exhibit floor, the NRA displayed a placard of “NRA Corporate Partners,” which listed each company’s giving range of financial support for the organization (each level is named for an individual, both Harlon Carter and Joe Foss are former NRA leaders). The placard announced that each “corporate partner” was “Shooting for the Future with the NRA.” The list below is excerpted from that placard and contains only: gun manufacturers (including Freedom Group, the gun industry conglomerate of which Bushmaster, the manufacturer of the AR-15 assault rifle used in the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school mass shooting, is part of as well as Smith & Wesson, the manufacturer of another model of AR-15 assault rifle that was used in the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater mass shooting ); ammunition manufacturers; high-capacity ammunition manufacturers (both singularly or as a component of firearms manufactured); and distributors or vendors of these products.

Harlon Carter Giving Level:
($5 Million to $9.9 Million)

Joe Foss Giving Level:
($1 Million to $4.9 Million)
Beretta USA Corporation
Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.
Springfield Armory, Inc.

George Washington Giving Level:
($500,000 to $999,000)
Benelli USA Corporation
Winchester Division – Olin Corporation
American Legacy Firearms

Samuel Adams Giving Level:
($250,000 to $499,000)
Davidson’s, Inc.
Natchez Shooters Supply
Glock, Inc.
Blaser USA, Inc.
Nosler, Inc.
Doug Turnbull Restoration, Inc.

Alexander Hamilton Giving Level:
($100,000 to $249,000)
Smith & Wesson Corporation
Numrich Gun Parts Corporation
Collectors Firearms, Inc.
Arsenal, Inc.
Cheaper Than Dirt
CDNN Investments, Inc.

George Mason Giving Level:
($50,000 to $99,000)
Auctionarms.com, Inc.
Krieghoff International, Inc.
Colt’s Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Widener’s Reloading & Shooting Supply, Inc.
Graf & Sons, Inc.
AcuSport Corporation
Turner’s Operations, Inc.
Barrett Firearms Manufacturing
Remington Arms Co., Inc.

James Madison Giving Level:
($25,000 to $49,000)
Hornady Manufacturing Co.
Marlin Firearms Co.
Ellett Brothers, Inc.
John Rigby & Co.
Sinclair International, Inc.
H & R 1871, LLC
Freedom Group, Inc.
Henry Repeating Arms Co.
Montana Gold Bullet, Inc.
McMillan Group International
J & G Sales, Ltd.
RSR Group, Inc.


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