More Than 1,000 Non-Self Defense Deaths Involving Concealed Carry Killers Since 2007, Latest VPC Research Shows

Innocent victims continue to die at the hands of private citizens with permits to carry concealed handguns according to ongoing research from the VPC. Concealed handgun permit holders are responsible for at least 1,082 deaths not involving self defense since 2007. More>>

Self-Defense Gun Use is Rare, New VPC Study Confirms

New research from the VPC confirms that contrary to what the firearms industry and gun lobby claim, private citizens rarely use guns to kill criminals or stop crimes. The new study analyzes the most recent federal data available, which shows that private citizens use guns to harm themselves or others far more often than to kill in self-defense. More>>

5 Things You Can Do Now to Stop Gun Violence

Each year, more than 33,000 Americans die from gun violence in suicides, homicides, and unintentional shootings. Shockingly, guns are the only consumer product manufactured in America that the federal government does not regulate for health and safety. Here are five things you can do right now to help stop gun violence. More>>